5 Questions, 5 Definitions for the Localization Industry in 500 Words or Less

By:Sharon Tabraham - ST Communications

Rosario Traducciones y Servicios S.A. invited Industry Associations, Companies and Translator Boards to take part in this short survey. The goal was to portray and explore main players, features, changes and challenges of the localization industry worldwide, in their own words. We suggested answering these 5 questions with 500 words or less.

Sharon Tabraham - ST Communications

1.    Who are you? Answer in a sentence plus 5 words that best describe you.
Founder/Owner of ST Communications. Enthusastic, Entrepreneur, Passionate, Hardworking, Mother :)

2.    What do you do? Answer with a description plus 5 features and/or services that best identify you.
Everything! I make sure I know how to do everything in our company from Project Management, Sales, Administration, Networking and making an awesome cup of coffee!

3.    In your opinion, which were the most important changes in the industry in the past 5 years?
The agile movement, machine translation, automation, the cloud.

4.    In your opinion, which would be the main challenges for the next 5 years?
Machine Translation, Automation, Keeping up with trends and changes, agressive pricing.

5.    Name 5 elements needed to run a localization company.
Endless patience, determination, keeping up with trends and tools, a sense of humour and a love for the industry!

BONUS: Which are your plans to rule the world?
Run for presidency .... Not!

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